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David Dillon

"I have embarked on a number of journeys in my life. The greatest one was an internal quest that showed me who and what I am, and that everything I had experienced was necessary to reveal what is true." 

David is a student and teacher of the natural world. He has spent the last decade exploring and learning ancient wisdom and alternative healing techniques to better himself, the planet, and the global community.


After exploring a number of earlier paths, David discovered a love for guiding people passionately to the real meaning of life, what lies beyond achievement and material ambitions, to what is found through deep self awareness, remembrance, inner truth and an empathic connection with the natural world. David explored and studied indigenous cultural practices in Brazil, Peru, Ecuador, Papua New Guinea, Kenya, Australia, Costa Rica, Mexico and North America where he spent time learning the processes of traditional healing and wisdom teachings from native leaders and communities. He worked intimately with these people with the intention to learn the best techniques and practices that could be transferred and applied to a modern culture that has become disconnected from their true nature. 

His initial journey began as a quest for deeper knowing but soon evolved into a depth of experiences, teachings, and initiations that showed him not only how to help himself, but how to help others. It was from here that David connected with the Jaguar spirit and developed deeper insights and skills for guiding, awakening and inspiring others to reach and access their greatest potential. The jaguar is referred to by the indigenous as the 'gatekeeper of truth between the seen and unseen worlds'. David serves a specific format of services to a global audience and is sort after by leading CEO's, entrepreneurs, celebrities, and athletes that have experienced his powerful and lasting results, showcasing the wider reach his work is having on the broader cultural demographics. He has focused on working with leaders because by impacting them, he can impact many, as they are the highest leverage point to shift the world.


David is adamant that within the human evolution story we are not only able to awaken to truth, but use awareness as a tool for self mastering the greatest aspects of human nature. It starts with the self, with the awakening and realisation that we are the greatest change that can occur in our lives. David has the passion, skills, and experience to guide you on a journey of deep self-knowing and realisation, experiencing yourself in the most authentic, pure, and honest way so you can live an enriched life.

My Story

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