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Who it's for?


There is a direct correlation between our health and the overall experience of

ourselves and our emotional state in our body and mind. Health is an essential

pillar to transformational leadership work. This is exactly why I created a 7 day

full body heavy metal detox. This is for men and women who have realised

the symbiotic relationship between health and emotional states.


What are the results?


  • Removes excess toxins

  • Improved quality of sleep

  • Improved energy and clarity

  • Strengthens immune system

  • long-term weight management

  • Optimization of digestive process

  • Clearer connection to intuitive self 

What’s included: 


  • 3 calls over 7 days

  • Live whatsapp help platform

  • Full process guidelines and instructions

  • Ancillary services arranged and scheduled (sauna, scrub, etc)


What’s the investment?


$555 for calls, guidance and instructions. 

Additional costs for food, supplements and ancillary services.  

Click below for a short application.

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