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Empowered Women


Empowered women are women who love and honor themselves fully, they have cleared their past and are living in harmony with their heart as a fully embodied confident woman.

I have been blessed to serve hundreds of women over the years and I know first hand how important it is as a man to 'show up' and hold space for transformation and growth to occur on the deepest level. Each woman deserves to experience themselves fully in this life so they can live connected to who they truly are. 

However, not every woman is aware of their power and can be regularly challenged by limiting beliefs and thoughts such as:

  • I am not good enough

  • I could be more beautiful

  • I want more financial freedom

  • I would like to be in a romantic relationship

  • I have to be successful to prove my self-worth

In order to breakthrough these types of challenges each woman must first love and honor themselves with every fibre of their being. This is where it begins and ends.

The empowered women sessions begin by honoring the divine essence within so a connection can be made to the timeless self. When our awareness shifts within - not to who we wish we were or who we think we should be - we begin a sacred path of transformation towards our innate, authentic, embodied power.



  • Expanding consciousness

  • Developing self love and trust 

  • Deeper connection with intuition

  • Increased confidence and clarity

  • Moving from fear to empowerment

  • Living in a passionate creative flow 

  • Improved relationships with loved ones

  • Resolving past conflicts and emotional challenges


Over the phone (90min)

A call will be arranged to begin the process of facilitating an experience that utilises specific techniques that clear the subconscious and awaken the spirit.

In person


  1. The process begins with a natural tea ceremony to open a sacred space and connect with one another. 

  2. We then move onto native indigenous land for a shamanic cleansing and drumming ceremony that releases tension and revives the body and mind. Indigenous music is sung to connect one with their ancestors and higher self for protection and divine wisdom from the spirit realm.

  3. We then move into a treatment room for a Native Cura Healing journey. This is an indigenous practice that uses sound frequencies and body adjustments to clear blockages that no longer serve the evolution of the soul. 

  4. The session is completed with a closing ceremony where we reflect on the experience and share tools on how to live as the empowered self.​ 


The next steps:


  1. Fill in a brief application to find if I can support you.

  2. If I am unable to, I will do my best to support you in the right direction.

  3. Upon approval, we will set up a complimentary 10min call as part of the first step to co-creating an experience that helps discover your truth.

Click below for short application.

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