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Who this is for:
  • People ready to discover their own truth and breakthrough limiting mindsets. To be vulnerable and open to new possibilities - ready to receive what they truly deserve.
  • People open to rapidly transform their conscious perspectives and move into the highest potential of the human self.
Who this is not for:
  • People that are not open to receiving and exploring their potential. 
Why I created this online course
 I created this course because I want to have the greatest impact possible on people's wellbeing. I've spent a lifetime studying and building powerful transformational content that is now ready to be shared with a greater audience in a unique interactive result driven format.
I'm excited to share this course with people because it will unlock each individuals conscious blueprint and give them access to the freedom they deserve. People that complete this course will improve the quality and depth of their life profoundly.
What's involved:
The Ultimate Transformation is an 8 week interactive online course that is guided by David that is designed to radically transform your reality and give you lasting results.
  • 1 live video call per week 
  • Daily alignments and challenges
  • Weekly breakthrough exercises
  • Access to online evolution files
  • Ancient awakening techniques
  • Native rituals and ceremonies
  • Full body heavy metal detox
Results you will receive:
  • Breakthrough the 'false self'
  • Restructure mental timelines
  • Refine your personal relations
  • Align your hearts true purpose
  • Resolution of past experiences
  • Personal productivity strategies
  • Increased conscious awareness
  • Develop skills for manifestation
  • Provide pathways to fulfillment
  • Learn how to conduct ceremonies 
Next steps:
Complete the application and arrange an introduction call with David, he will explain the course in more detail and answer any further questions. 


Mike, Goldman Sachs

Working with David has changed my life. He bought the 'spark' back into my life and opened my eyes to a path within myself I needed to find.

Christy, Arbonne

After working with David everything feels more clear, more in-tune and more focused and energized. I feel the best I've ever felt in my life!

Sarah , Oracle

David's experience and ability to meet you where you're at and provide the pathways needed to breakthrough anything you face, is unrivaled. 

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