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Nervous System & Brain Regeneraton

Energy | Focus | Awareness | Alignment


The Gnosis micro dose kit is a premium functional nootropic formula that promotes new regeneration cycles of the brain and nervous system.


The Gnosis blend was created to bring one into alignment with their true self whilst increasing optimal cognitive function, performance and focus. It helps support emotional healing by assisting the nervous systems in clearing stagnancy and stored emotions, and aids in the relief of stress and anxiety.


The Gnosis blend has been refined with botanists over the last few years to create the most supportive and powerful formula for human performance, focus and emotional healing. The initial trials have seen incredible results which has proven to show the growing benefits of nootropic based medicines for the modern era. The ingredients are sourced in the sacred Mount Shasta region, making them charged with the energy of one of the most sacred places on the planet.


We hop you enjoy this special, unique, and very sacred product.



Gnosis blend premium formula:


Lion's Mane - supports cognition, focus, creativity and productivity. Also assists the regeneration of brain cells and increases energy levels.


Gotu Kola - an ancient ayurvedic herb referred to as the 'fountain of life’. It helps with mental turbulence and healthy brain function.


Bacopa - a powerful rejuvenating herb that supports the brain and nervous system, also promotes mental clarity, awareness, concentration.


Psilocybe Cubensis - Mazatec mushrooms sourced from the Sierra Mazateca mountains of Mexico that have been used ceremonially for centuries by shamans.


Gold Ormus - helps to normalize the biophotonic behavior within cells and initiate a condition of Quantum coherence. In this unique state, intercellular communication is optimized which helps the body heal itself.


Black Pepper extract - aids digestion and increases bioavailability and efficaciousness of the Gnosis blend.


Recommended dosage:

Take 1 capsule every second day, in the morning before food.

100mg psilocybe per cap (micro dose). 16 caps, 1 month cycle.

For stronger effect, open capsule into liquid and consume.


Hand made in Mount Shasta, California



**For optimal results, 3 months is a recommend micro cycle. 15% discount.


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