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David runs exclusive retreats in powerful locations that help people break

free of the modern world so they can reconnect with nature and themselves. 


Next Retreat:


Mount Shasta, Northern California


Date and location:


Private dates for 3-7 day retreats - March - July 2021 


Where do I fly to:


Medford (Oregon)

Redding (California)

Private cars can be scheduled to bring you to the property (1hr)


Who the retreat is for:


People who are ready to be challenged personally to grow as a leader,

to explore traditional healing rituals, and to let go of old behaviors and paradigms.

People willing to expand their sense of what is possible for themselves and the bigger picture.


The intended results:


  • That you will come away with a deeper connection to yourself and nature

  • You will be renewed and clearer on who you are and where you are heading

  • Discover new possibilities and tools that can help you live the life you love

  • Be inspired and be empowered by the opportunity to living limitless and free


What’s the experience of the retreat


Based in one of the most energetically powerful Mountains on the planet, Mt Shasta

is a place for deep transformation work. Just being near the mountain, breathing the air,

drinking the water, is already so impactful. The retreat experience is a combination

of rejuvenation, cleansing, inner alchemy, adventure, native rituals, and more.


What are some of the activities in the retreat:

  • Morning health restoration and body movement

  • Native cleansing rituals and empowerment 

  • Waterfall hike and medicine wheel initiation

  • Full body restoration massage with masseuse 

  • Mt Shasta exploration and offering ceremony

  • Wisdom teachings and native fire ceremony

  • Human Design session with Ben Lifechanger

  • Nature immersions with rejuvenation practices 

  • Site tours, activations, workshops, sound journeys


What’s included:


  • Accommodation (private ensuite mountain room)

  • Food and elixirs

  • Private cura session with David

  • Travel during retreat

  • Gift pack and take-aways


What are the next steps?

To arrange an intro call with David and fill out a brief survey.

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