"I use native healing practices with transformative coaching to  help people breakthrough their challenges and access their truth."

Exclusive Retreats

David is currently based in Mt Shasta, CA and is offering a series of transformative retreat packages in phenomenal settings.

"When we let go of the past and have clarity with who we are and what we want

 - everything changes."

Thank you for taking the time to come to this page. Most of my clients are referred to me, and some discover me on their own, either way, it's great to connect with you.


I'm a researcher and explorer in discovering the deepest parts of ourselves. I am not a healer, a shaman, or a teacher. I'm continuously learning and asking how to be the best version of myself, but most importantly, be myself.

 I enjoy helping people discover the truth of who they are and I do this through a range of modern and traditional modalities that create lasting results for my clients.

The next step is to contact me and we will arrange a brief introductory call to see if we are best suited to work together. Please view my services and see if this type of work aligns with you.

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David works with people from all over the world by using a unique formula that allows him to accelerate people's journey from resistance to empowerment through a deep meditative call practice. He uses the breath as a platform to reverse the souls journey to unity so one can begin clearing any obstacles, traumas, emotions and resistances that may be inhibiting one from living more connected and embodied as their true authentic self.  



David operates a private retreat space in Mount Shasta, CA - one of the most sacred places on the planet. It is the perfect environment for deep spiritual work; visiting clients have consistently

had profound life changing experiences. David takes you through a process of purification using ancient wisdom techniques that restores, awakens and illuminates the body mind and spirit.



“I have been experiencing healing

modalities for over 30 years and

my session with David was by far

the most powerful of my life.”

Darlene Kitchen