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Leadership Coaching

We are all leaders in our own right, some more so than others. I consider a leader someone that has experienced the power of influencing others through their dedication, passion, and skillset to act towards achieving a common goal.

I focus on helping leaders refine themselves by accessing new sources of power and inspiration so that positive and permanent shifts occur in the quality of their lives.  


Leadership can have its challenges and the people I work with tend to experience blockages such as: 

  • The end goal is not aligned with my heart

  • I have a deeper yearning to make an impact  

  • I am unable to inspire myself to move forward

  • Stress and anxiety are effecting my relationships

  • I need to 'change the game' and get new perspectives

These challenges are overcome when truth becomes a priority. Every leader has their own unique expression of truth and together I support them in discovering this for themselves.

Who I work with?

The leaders that I serve are often in positions of impact and influence and the reason I work with these people is that by impacting them, I am not only able to impact others, I am able to fulfill my life's calling.​ I work with:


  • Leaders who have seen past the veil of “success” by everyday standards.

  • They have either reached it according to everyday standards or have the ability to see beyond it.

  • They have a yearning to discover their own truth in the face of adversity and distractions. 

The technique


I share a unique experience that uses a powerful technique known as Native Cura Healing. I learned this process from tribesman in the Amazon and have spent years refining the art which primarily focuses on bringing the subconscious into the conscious. When one is able to see and experience the truth, it is no longer an unknown part of who they truly are.


The experience involves wisdom teachings with sound healing and body adjustments over a 3 hour period that transmutes resistance from the emotional and physical bodies, leaving one with a clearer mindset and a more intimate connection to the true self. 


The results

  • Embodied fulfilment

  • Clarity with next steps

  • Increased self awareness

  • Resolution of past experiences

  • Sense of purpose and direction 

  • Greater empathy for self and others

  • Deeper relationship with self and others 



Each leader has their own answers within themselves. My role is to facilitate them finding those answers with ease.


By impacting and empowering leaders, it is the highest leverage point to shift the world. 




In order to be productive, I focus my time and energy on those who feel called to personally evolve. To do my best work in the world I must stay focused and clear so I have chosen to work with select people.


Before booking any sort of call, their is a brief survey to find out what you want and how I may be able to serve you.


These modalities I’ve spent a lifetime learning, this is my life's work and I deeply value it and I'm looking for people that also do the same. 


So together we change ourselves and the world.


The next steps:


1. Fill in a brief application to discover if I can support you. If I am unable to, I will do my best to support you in the right direction.

2. Upon approval, we will set up a complimentary 10min call as part of the first step to co create a plan that helps empower your journey.

Click below for a short application.

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